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Welcome to the Diligent Pi! I’m here to bring you the latest information on scams and fraud happening all around us, right among our everyday activities.

Online dating?

Looking for investment opportunities?

Receiving strange text messages and emails?

Types of Scams We Cover

Romance scams

  • Online Dating Scams
  • Military dating scams
  • International Romance Scams

Online Scams

  • Identity Theft Phishing/Farming
  • Scam Text Messages
  • Online Shopping Scams


Business & Investment Scams

  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Debt Collection Scams
  • Mortgage & Home Title Fraud

Fraudsters Among Us?

Statistics & Alerts

Online Dating Scams

Romance scams hit record high in 2021. Online dating scams reported to the FTC over the past 5 yrs states $1.3 billion lost to fraud, more than any other FTC fraud category.

Business & Investment Scams

Pyramid schemes are hiding in plain sight as “Multi-level Marketing Companies”. They are still prevelent in the world of fraudsters and are responsible for generating a staggering $3.25 billion in 2020.

Identity Theft

Identity theft scammers are now using AI  (Artificial Intelligence) and voice cloning programs to pose as a family member or other trusted source to get you to share personal information.

From the Blog

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Is This REAL?  Or  Am I Being SCAMMED?!

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